Thank you! On behalf of the hundreds of families served by ISAND each year, we thank everyone who made the Cynergy Mechanical Charity Gala such a wonderful success. Through your support you have extended hope and help to children, youth, young adults and families living with autism. To read our news release, click here.

“We are grateful for the enthusiastic support of so many people and organizations!”

- Gerald McCann, President Cynergy Mechanical

ISAND – A lifeline of hope and help for families

When a child receives an autism diagnosis it can be devastating news for their family. Many parents are overwhelmed by the uncertainty of what the future holds. Often, they don’t know where to turn.


Thankfully, ISAND is there to provide hope and help to families living with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. As a registered non-profit organization, the integrated team of developmental pediatricians, psychologists, clinicians and therapists provides programs and services in one centre, enabling families to receive ongoing, fully integrated, and coordinated care. By supporting the Cynergy Mechanical Charity Gala, more families can receive the care they need.

– A Grateful Parent

“My son was barely a year old when we came to you. With all my heart I believe his success is because of you. Not only have you been there for him over the past two years, you have also been there for me.”

ISAND’s integrated team of professionals work together with families to achieve the best possible outcomes for young people. ISAND provides developmental medical care, language and social communication support, and occupational and behavioural therapies. ISAND also provides mental health and wellness support for individuals and families. With specialized support from the integrated ISAND team, many young people make significant developmental gains that enable them to have a rewarding and purposeful life as active and contributing members of their families and communities.

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